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Hi, I’m Kate

*** This website is now an homage to the green gift business I had. ***

It was fun and we learned a lot but it was time to move on from retail. I’m back to a focus on my own efforts at living “greener”. I very much still support Green America’s message that every dollar you spend and/or invest is a vote for how you want the world run. Want organic farming instead of pesticides and other toxic substances? Buy organic! Want workers to be paid a decent wage and their human rights respected? Buy fair trade!

I’m also passionate about chocolate and know that organic and fair trade chocolate is delicious and slavery-free. So for your convenience I have listed my favorite sources of West Coast organic and fair trade chocolatiers.

I founded Kate’s Caring Gifts to offer you new and wonderful alternatives to satisfy your gift giving needs with People and Earth Friendly Gifts. I want to support people who choose to live a healthy, sustainable, and abundant life. I believe ethical gifts fits right in.

People who know me have asked “What is an engineer doing starting a gift business?”

OK, I’ll tell you. After over ten years of adventure in the Silicon Valley of California developing integrated circuits, I felt I had achieved all I hoped. It was great to see how teams of bright minds can come together to put technical concepts into reality. But it was time for a breather! I took time off to be at home with my two young children, and had time to really look at my own buying patterns. I learned of the idea of using my consumer power for social change from a non-profit group called Co-op America, now named Green America . How great, voting to reward ethical corporate behavior simply by what I chose to buy!

I attended almost all the San Francisco Green Festivals, and the green businesses there inspired me to want to sell their products as gifts and in my gifts sets.

After I started my own business, initially selling just a few body care products, this philosophy provided direction. Anything I would sell, I would have to feel complete confidence in as healthy for people and the planet. And fun! I wanted to be a part of the green economy people who didn’t feel you have to check your conscience in at the door to go into business. Business unusual. Maybe the profits wouldn’t be as great, but you can live with yourself and feel pride. I decided to focus on gifts, both to provide better alternatives to the conventional gifts out there, and to support the wonderful green companies creating products people should learn about and enjoy.

As I traveled these pathways, I learned a number of key lessons that have evolved into a business philosophy that is the underpinning of everything we do.

* This is a beautiful planet, and it is our duty to protect it.  This is our home, and we need to conserve it for future generations.  That means we strive to find products and packaging that is manufactured in environmentally responsible way from renewable or recycled materials.

* We are all part of one human family. We care about HOW products are made. Sweat-shop and child labor is immoral and we will not support these practices by selling anything made that way. Instead, Kate's Caring Gifts favors sourcing from small, local, independent businesses. or certified fair trade products for items not made in the United States.

* It matters what we put into and on our bodies. We find body care and skin care products that are natural and healthy. We search out soaps and lotions that use essential oils and other natural fragrances. Products that use natural moisturizers or exfoliates.  We have found that these products are better for all skin types, and they smell and feel terrific.  Likewise, we look for foods that are organic and natural.  The organic chocolates, coffees, teas, and other treats that we have found are not only healthy, they are delicious!

You can make a difference! You can support businesses devoted to environmental sustainability, social justice, and healthy living.

Yours in Harmony,